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Car Hire and Child Safety

by ellar (follow)
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You have hired a car for your tiny tot’s first journey. There are a lot of things you are carrying for his comfort and your convenience. But are you taking an infant car seat? What in case, the hired car does not have one or it's broken. Be prepared. Your child’s life is priceless. Your little one is not prepared for self protection yet. Hence, equip yourself with an infant car seat.

Some car hire companies do install infant car seats. But, you never know the seat installed in the hired car is comfortable for your child or not and second, it might have been in use for a long time and may have broken too. Save yourself from such trouble. Take your own infant car seat.

Having your own has its own benefits. It gives you a peace of mind as regards his safety. Additionally, as the baby grows, the harness can be attuned to suit his height and weight.

Now, take gander at the following before taking your child out.

First know this

Never invest in a second hand car seat or use your older child’s car seat kept untouched for years. New age infant car seats are much safer than their predecessors. So, buy a new one.

Available types

Two types of car seats are designed for the babies. The first one is infant car seat specially made for infants. It has a handle for carrying and a stroller. The second one is convertible car seat. It is capable of facing both the ends – rear and front. Your kiddo can ride in it for many years.

Where do I place it in the car?

The safest place of positioning the infant car seat when travelling with the tot is facing the rear in the back seat. Experts opine that rear-facing saves their neck and spine in collisions. Remember, the child should remain rear-facing in his car seat till he turns two years.

Common mistakes made by the parents

Sadly, many infants who die in road accidents are not buckled properly. Statistics reveal that three out of four seats are improperly installed. Therefore, the parents must learn the right technique buckle and install the seat belt before putting the child in it. Keeping it too low leaving the retainer clip below the chest level is the most common mistake made by people when fastening the infant into the car seat.

How will you know that the car seat is fixed well?

A properly installed car seat or base cannot move more than an inch in any direction when the car is moving.

Worldwide norms

Worldwide, many countries enforce people to use infant car seats by child safety laws. In Australia and United States, a rear facing infant seat in the front seat with airbag is completely prohibited. The reason put forward by the authorities is that in a rear facing car seat in the front seat of the car, the head of the infant is too close to the airbag and in case of car collisions may cause head injuries or death as well.

Car seats protect child from injury or death in collisions. It concerns your child’s safety; do not make compromises with it. Whenever out in a car irrespective of hired or not, carry an infant car seat with you and remember to learn the correct technique.

Now, since you are carrying your own infant car seat, you need not worry about its presence in the hired car. But do ensure that the car is in good form. Check Car hire at Glenelg. They have good cars and also offer best rates in town. Check them out for the big day.

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