Pony Rides @ The Easter Show

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pony rides, kids, sydney royal easter show
One lucky child on a pony ride

Horse rides can be a little intimidating for many youngsters in Sydney, mainly due to the size of a fully grown horse. However, on the other hand pony rides as a child are absolutely excellent, and still continue to be. Ponies are still part of the equine family as horses. Pony rides are no different to horse rides, except a pony is smaller in size again. The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a great place for your child to enjoy their first ever or subsequent pony ride in style, otherwise there is always the circus. Nearly all of the circuses in and near Sydney have pony rides for kids on offer. Either way they do not come free, they will need to be paid for. Parents, you must plan for your child/children to go on a pony ride if you intend on going to the show either this year (of what's left, as at the time of writing this) or for another year.

pony rides, kids, sydney royal easter show
That outback feel is well and truly alive

At the show, the pony rides can be found at the main arena (for 2013, it is the Commonwealth Bank Arena) right near the main screen to the left. Each outback pony ride is six coupons towards your Carnival Coupons count. There is a weight limit, as well as a height limit.

pony rides, kids, sydney royal easter show
One pretty pony ready to ride

Although the experience is fantastic, there are a few housekeeping matters to bear in mind. No cameras allowed beyond a certain point. All of the photos I have taken for this article adhere to this rule, hence why the entire open paddock wasn't covered. Just be gentle, you can sneak a few in quietly. Ensure you have the flash and clicking sound turned off.

pony rides, kids, sydney royal easter show
There are rules that need to be followed on the pony track.

Other considerations for when on the pony track:

You child's height needs to be checked before ordering a pony ride.
Children ages three and under must be accompanied by an adult.
No balloons.
No kicking the pony. Your child is guided by a pony master.
No backpacks
No loose articles.
No prams in line up area.
Riders ride at their own risk.

pony rides, kids, sydney royal easter show
Another pretty pony

From the few kids who enjoyed one, the experience is once in a lifetime and goes for a few minutes. Enjoy. An enjoyable equine experience for kids, before graduating to a horse later. The ride is a gentle galloping experience while on a pony. There is no fast galloping or cantering.

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