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skylander giants, kids world, sydney royal easter show
A popular picture spot

No different to when the Transformers, The Power Rangers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were hits back in their era. However the Skylanders Giants are the hits of today. The Skylanders are a series of eight different giants: Tree Rex, Swarm, Jet Vac, Cynder, Lightcore Prism Break, Trigger Happy, Hot Dog and Pop Fizz, and of course the Skylanders are available to play with on XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii and PS3 to name. Details on how to play this interactive video game are available on the Skylanders Giants website, and there are tips for parents on there as well. Tips are also provided at this exhibit.

skylander giants, kids world, sydney royal easter show
the entry to the Skylanders Giants exhibition

The Skylanders Giants was the only free exhibition on at Kids World at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and due to their popularity (showbags and non-showbags alike at the show) therefore they will continue to make a re-appearance at the show until they're no longer popular. Your child won't want to leave. A word of warning: these cartoon characters are addictive.

skylander giants, kids world, sydney royal easter show
Live interactions

The Skylanders Giants exhibition won a Gold prize at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show Commercial Exhibitor Awards. More like an arcade, this computer games exhibition gives Timezone and the likes a really good run for their money. There was a kid-friendly attendant on hand there to ask any further questions, in tandem with around eight different video game stations for kids to play away. One popular, crowded and well set up play space.

skylander giants, kids world, sydney royal easter show
More games

Nearly every child killed to have their photo taken in front of the Tree Rex statue upon entry into this Kids World popular space of cartoon character paradise. If your young son has not already harped on about the Skylanders Giants, beware he soon will. Just ensure that your son is not spending too much time playing video games. If he is not addicted to playing video games yet, as soon as he plays the Skylanders Giants, he might real soon. Your son will not want to miss out on this exhibit and kids play space at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

skylander giants, kids world, sydney royal easter show
One popular place

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