10 Things To Do With Your Kids Before They Turn 14

10 Things To Do With Your Kids Before They Turn 14

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Children grow up so fast and before you know it they will be leaving school and moving on with their lives. Creating special moments they will always remember is a real gift, so why not do something you may have not thought of before. The ideas here are simple, inexpensive and will help you see life through their eyes. You will realise the little things are really the BIG things.

1. Make a Movie

Why not write a script of a movie, with your children as the main stars. Almost every phone and camera these days has a capability to record video, so you don’t need to buy any special equipment. You can edit your video using free software such as Window Moviemaker. Create costumes and prompts together, rehearse the scenes and record every step. That way you will have The Movie and “behind the scenes” video. Hours of fun for everyone in the family.

2. Create a Favourite Recipe Book

Let your children choose the format of a recipe book, you can print recipes onto paper and place them in a folder, print a book or even create it on your computer or on the internet. Your kids can take photos of the recipe as you make them together.

3. Put Together a Time Capsule

Help your children choose special objects that represent what is important to them, but which they don’t mind parting with for a while. They can draw special pictures or choose photographs, favourite pieces of clothing and choose items from fun places and trips. If they are too young to help, create a special package yourself and include newspapers, magazines, coins and other items which may be of interest to your kids 20 years from now. Then package it all up and decide when the time capsule is to be opened – it can be on their 18th birthday or when they graduate from high school.

4. Make Your Own Cold Rock Ice Cream

Next time your kids' friends come to visit, why not set up a Cold Rock Ice Cream Station. Give each child a bowl of ice cream and let them choose their own toppings – cookie crumbs, chocolate bits, snakes, M&Ms, nuts and any other toppings you find in your pantry.

5. Tell Jokes

Laughter is a wonderful thing to share with your kids. Teach your children how to tell jokes and provide them with resources where they can find material to amuse family and friends. Start with “Knock knock” jokes or “Why did the chicken cross the road” jokes and let their imagination take over.

6. Have Dessert for Dinner

Teaching children about good nutrition is important, but it’s ok every so often to get out of the routine and do something a little naughty. Why not plan a “dessert for dinner” evening and let your kids plan this exciting meal. Make sure they eat proper breakfast and lunch, but splurge on something special for dinner.

7. Go To the Airport and Watch Planes Take Off

For kids, a trip to the airport is as exciting as going to an amusement park. Watching planes of all shapes and sizes take off and land is awe-inspiring in children’s eyes. Watch people coming and going to the airport and make up stories about where you think they may be going.

8. Work on a Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle offers your children an opportunity to learn while playing. It gives you a project to work on together and talk without being distracted by electronic games and TV. Each time a piece is correctly placed in the puzzle, lets your child experience success.

9. Fly A Kite

A fun thing to do on a windy day – you can either make and decorate your own kite or buy one from a toy or hobby store. Watch it dip, dive and soar again. Make sure you find a space that is free from trees and power lines and your kids are guaranteed to have hours of fun.

10. Visit a Lighthouse

Before radar and GPS, ships relied on the lighthouse keeper to look out for them and to shine his light into the night sky so they could judge their position. These days lighthouses are a place of mystery and nostalgia. Many lighthouses have museums dedicated to their history. Climb to the top and get an amazing view.


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