5 birthday ideas for boys

5 birthday ideas for boys

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Description: Boys are curious, all-round and cheerful, and they may have thousand ideas for their birthday party, which sometimes can make it difficult to figure out how the party should look like and what will surprise them the most. Well, dear parents, you can relax, there are gorgeous birthday ideas which will certainly delight your little boy and his friends:

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Creative crayon party

This could be wonderful for preschool boys who adore playing with colours, especially because you can encourage your boy’s creativity, organize cute drawing contests and make the party very educational. Apart from rainbow coloured birthday cake and sweetmeats, colourful balloons and crayon-shaped wall stickers, the centrepiece of the party can be table full of crayon sets, collage paper, notebooks, etc. Organize the table so each child can have its own drawing place marked with cute b-day hats with their names, while large glass bowl with colourful candies can be placed in the middle.

Thrilling camping birthday

Chances are great that your little boy loves nature, exploring and spending time outside, so camping party can be real deal, especially if you find appropriate camping venue in the area of Sydney close to your house. Decorations should reflect a “camping spirit” so involve lanterns, wooden dining sets, napkins, tablecloth with natural motifs and plenty of pinecones, but don’t forget to bring cosy blankets, or if your boy is a teenager, consider placing a tents so the party can last until evening. Also, think about barbequing, funny board games, even a fishing if there’s nearby lake or river.

Adorable themed party

You won’t be wrong if you throw a themed birthday party, especially if it’s inspired with boy’s favourite superhero. Any superhero that your little friend is crazy about, from Superman, Spiderman to Batman, can serve as prevailing motif for the party and cake decorations, but there are great Superheroes agencies in Sydney where you can even hire the superhero he loves the most to come to the party. There’s no doubt that b-day boy and his little guest will remember this birthday forever!

Bugs’ world party

Boys are so excited about little flying and crawling creatures, and if that’s the case with your b-day buddy, you should throw a Bugs’ world party, but instead of real bugs (even though your boy would like it), cheer up the atmosphere with vivid rubber caterpillars, bees, grasshoppers which you’ll spread throughout the meadow inspired table. You can serve yummy butterfly or caterpillar-shaped cake, cupcakes topped with green, yellow and blue jelly bugs, while tasty caterpillar candies placed in the bowl with bugs’ catchers are simply irresistible.

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Soccer inspired party

Ideal as outdoor birthday ceremony, which can be held within your backyard or even a nearby beach, soccer party can be conceived as mini playing adventure. Make sure the menu is in the line with the main motif by making soccer ball cupcakes and cookies, cake covered in colours of your boy’s favourite team, while you can also create sports T-shirts labelled with guest’s names and the special one for little b-day boy.

Even though your boy’s interests are numerous, some of those birthday ideas will certainly be thrilling enough to mark his birthday as memorable and funny adventure.

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