5 birthday ideas for girls

5 birthday ideas for girls

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Description: You want your daughter‘s birthday to be special and memorable, accompanied with all those spectacles, colourful decorations and tale characters she loves the most, but you still can’t find something extraordinary enough to surprise her and turn her birthday party into magical experience. Well, you don’t have to shake your head anymore, because those fabulous birthday ideas   are simply irresistible:

Little lady outdoor party

Kids adore spending time outside, and pleasant Sydney weather is just like made for lovely picnic ceremonies, especially if they’re set within comfy park or garden full of blossoming flowers and funny swings. The focal point of the party can be gorgeous girly dining area with curvy chairs wrapped into silky ribbons and light pink bows and table covered with elegant embroidered tablecloth. Include plenty of yummy candies, lollipops and cupcakes served in lovely vintage pottery, nice tea-sets, blankets fulfilled with dolls and your little girl will be over the moon.

Dreamy girls’ sleepover party

When organizing your girl’s sleepover party,  , make it as interesting as possible by arranging classy dinner and plenty of light snacks, while instead of birthday cake you can offer stuffed chocolate muffins or even a chocolate fountain. You can also turn your living room into home cinema, and let girls watch their favourite movies with bunch of jars full of colourful popcorns. You’ll make your girl’s party unforgettable if you label pyjamas with the names of her guests, replace beds with comfy indoor tents and offer relishing spa packages to every sleepy lady.

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Fascinating themed parties

You can throw a fabulous fairy party with plenty of sparkling decorations, tiaras for guests, lovely satin dresses and crown for B-day girl and glamorous pearly cake. It can become truly authentic if you consider installing cute lace altar wrapped into decorative lights, but you can even hire her favourite princess from one of Sydney’s agencies specialized in Fairy Princess Parties   and make a real fairy spectacle. Birthday is the time when your girl can become even a mermaid, a superhero or ballerina, where, apart from themed decorations and desserts you should prepare cute costumes, or rent pretty authentic one which you can find in different costume boutiques available throughout the Sydney.

“Sweet sixteen” ceremony

Your “soon 16” teenage princess will be delighted with truly girlie birthday party wrapped into sweet sixteen spirit, where everything, including glamorous pink & gold cake, sweet treats and glittering dress announces that sixteens are going to bring a wonderful time. The exact space decorations can go from scented pink bouquets and colourful candles to disco ambient enriched with shimmering balls, balloons and of course, music.

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Balloon party

You can create gorgeous bubbly atmosphere with plenty of balloons in several colours or even organize funny balloon games to entertain the guests. Balloons shaped as Disney characters and cake topped with helium balloon containing the name of B-day girl can be the centrepiece of ceremony, but you can also rent a special bubbling show and surprise your little girl and her friends.
With dozens of divine themes, girlie decorations and colourful desserts, little girl’s birthday parties are not just a thrilling ceremonies but a wonderful preparation adventure as well.

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