AACTA Awards 16th Birthday Present

AACTA Awards 16th Birthday Present

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An Exciting Night Of Nights.

Address: Star City, Pyrmont
Opening Times:Janurary
Age Suitability:Teenage to adult

An Awards Night For The Australian Film & TV Industry And A 16th Birthday Present.

My darling daughter was turning 16 on 1st Janurary 2014.

She absolutely loves film. So much so that she wants to be a film director.

We have been fortunate enough to attend a film festival together in Canada for 19 international kids to judge films made for kids from around the world. Wow, what an experience. My daughter, Paige, got to stay with a french family as we were staying in Quebec. I was put up in a hotel in this little town we stayed in called Rimouski.

Being only 13 at the time, she still needed me, of course, to chaperone her overseas but didn't stay with me.

Getting back to the awards night, how fabulous. The tickets were given to her the morning of her birthday but then she had to wait a whole month to go the event.

Of course, she needed me to chapperone her again, so I was fortunate enough to go to this also.

I am the mum who is a celebrity stalker. No, not really, though I do love all the glitz and glam of celebrityville.

My daughter was completely shocked by her present and on her birthday I don't think she quite got it. Until the night, where we finally were all dressed up looking the part.

Taking lots of happy snaps of herself as teens do, of us and of the celebs.

I got to get photos of Cate Blanchett and Jack Thompson with Paige.

This was another bonding experience both of us will never forget. It's not often in a teenagers life you get to share special moments one on one if there are other siblings.

Even though there are the typical teenage moody tyraids, there are happy moments too.

Finding that something your kids are into and tapping into it to get involved yourself is the key to moments of bonding.


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