Bananas in Pyjamas Meet and Greet

Bananas in Pyjamas Meet and Greet

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The adorable bananas on stage

Many of us adults today grew up loving the Bananas in Pyjamas . They're so adorable. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about using a Bananas in Pyjamas lunchbox while at high school, just don't tell anyone. Unlike some other kids characters that come and go like a passing fad, Bananas in Pyjamas have continued to hang on, and these banana twins (in pyjamas of course) B1 and B2 continue to be a crowd pleaser.

Getting into the groove

It is fun when they do perform in Sydney to keep Sydney kids (and maybe even some adults, go figure) entertained. Hence the Bananas in Pyjamas make way for great live family entertainment. Hyde Park on Australia Day is a rare occurrence where you will find the 'bananas' performing in Sydney, however at the Big Top Amphitheatre at the Sydney Royal Easter Show , their meet and greet sessions occur at the show most years, and they are a hit.

Its a party down here

The turnout to their recent meet and greet here in Sydney's Olympic Park was incredible. The Bananas in Pyjamas are definitely Sydney's favourite banana twins. You feel inspired to want to eat bananas more often, but not eat the characters themselves. They're too good, they're too funny.

The view from the top

The kids of Sydney who attended with their families were fortunate to learn some new dance moves, and listen to some live Bananas in Pyjamas music. A real toe tapping event. The bananas came on stage and then disappeared. Then the performer asked "the bananas, where are they? Where are the bananas?" some of the kids weren't fooled, they said the bananas came and then disappeared. They disappeared for about five minutes and came out of hiding again, toe tapping. The idea is to sing along, although the Sydney kids in attendance just wanted to dance along.

No Lulu

"Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs...?" They didn't really chase any teddy bears though. Did they make it to Lulu's birthday party, or did they run out of time because they were too pre-occupied their toe tapping entertainment? On this occasion it was the latter. A great, free, entertaining gym like workout for the kids of Sydney too. Highly recommended.


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