Corncopia Reserve

Corncopia Reserve

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The playground at the reserve.

Address: Cantwell Street, Glenwood

At a Glance: A sports reserve with long jump, a car park, some play equipment, amenities block with storage, pathway and plenty of open grassed areas.

The entrance to the reserve with its new sign.

Cost: Free

BBQs: Unfortunately no.

Playground: Has some swings including one for under threes, two slides one large and one small, ride on toys, a balance beam and things to twirl on. The best part of this playground is the huge tyre swing that a few people can fit on at a time.

The huge swinging tyre is great fun.

Shade: is pretty limited here so make sure you have a hat and some sun screen.

Toilets: are available.

The amenities building at the reserve.

Age Suitability: any age.

Parking: is available on site but is normally only open when sport events, little athletics or other sport classes are on. However there is plenty of parking available in the street surrounding the reserve.

Description: This reserve has just undergone some major reconstruction to turn it into a sporting field. It's tracks and long jump make it the perfect place for sporting and fitness classes. Blacktown Little Athletics, Archery games are held here.

The long jump pit. Reminds me of the school sports carnivals.

The Blacktown Sun (local newspaper), reported that it would feature 'an athletics field (triple jump, long jump, shot-put, discus cages, grass running track), an amenities building, elevated referees box, field lighting and underground water tanks and irrigation systems.'

The brand new referees box, up high so they can witness all the action on the field.

It has lots of open areas to walk, run and play on. It's up on a bit of a hill which is perfect for flying a kite, playing frisbee and chasing games.

There is still a lot of space to run around, fly a kite and play chasing games.

Its even got a place for discus throwing.

It's a really nice place to go for a walk or a bike ride. A great park to teach the kids to ride their first bike, scooter etc in a safe environment. If no one is using the long jump pit your kids could use it as a sandpit. They even have rakes in it.


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