Dancing Is For Boys

Dancing Is For Boys

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Address:78 Agincourt Rd, Marsfield 2122

At a Glance:Boys Do Dancing

Cost:From $8.00

Opening Times:Monday - Saturday timetable

Age Suitability:3 years - adult



My little almost 3 year old boy, Billy, named before his birth after seeing Billy Elliot, started dancing this term. He is amongst the girls, though there are a few boys also in his class.

The class is called Totzbopz from ages 3-5.
Billy who turns 3 in April just loves music and dance. He constantly dances around the loungeroom and plays imaginary music on his imaginary drums.

Having 3 older sisters who love dancing, it only seems natural he would show an interest but between him and his sisters, he is the one with the musical ear.

I must admit, it has taken him a few weeks to adjust to going to a class. He does like to do his own thing. So, when 'Miss Jenny' is giving the class instructions, Billy is usually dancing and galloping around the room, off in his own little world. Billy hasn't been to preschool yet or any other activities apart from an occasional kinder gym class so this is the start of a bit of structure and someone else giving instructions.

My girls have been going to this school for almost 2 years and they love it.

'Miss Jenny' owns the school and has been operating the school since it's beginning almost 22 years ago. I would have to say she is amazing. Not only does she teach so many of the kids' classes, she also teaches the adult classes, has a very dedicated dance student daughter competing in all sorts of competitions and performances and her son to keep up with.

She also has built onto her dance studio a uniform, ballet shoes and dancewear range. Not to mention she also has a range of clothing she sells to other dance schools.

There are quite a number of boys doing dancing at Jenny's Dance. Last years performance was so impressive. The talent amongst the boys with their hip hop and acrobatics and other performances was superb.

There are also a number of women doing the adult classes, such as Burlesque, Zumba, Tap, Musical Theatre.

I think shows like "So you think you can dance" has helped in making dance "Cool" for boys.

I hope Billy really keeps going with his dancing feet as he is gorgeous to watch.

Check out Jenny's Dance here.


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