Interactive Animal Adventures

Interactive Animal Adventures

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Most children love animals and enjoy being with them, whether it is feeding them or playing with them. You can take your kids to the zoo for a fun experience or you can step it up with the following interactive animal adventures. You may have to travel a little to experience these, but having done it myself, I can guarantee it will be worth it.

Feed Stingrays and Sharks

Address: Australian Shark & Ray Centre, 686 Marsh Rd, Bobs Farm

The Australian Shark & Ray Centre gives you and your children the opportunity to hand-feed sharks and sting rays. As part of the entry fee you are given prawns and a feeding stick, which has a peg at the end. You simply place the food in the peg and then feed it to the sharks and rays. If you are feeling brave, you can get in the tank and interact and feed them up close. Alternatively feed them from the side of the tank. It is a good idea to get to the centre early as you will be able to feed them more in the morning as by the afternoon, they have eaten plenty and so you are only given a limited amount of food. Find out more about Australian Shark and Ray Centre

Ride Camels

Address: Port Macquarie Camel Safari, Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie

Address: Coffs Coast Camels, Jordan Esplanade, Coffs Harbour

Address: Oakfield Ranch, Birubi Point, Anna Bay

Camel riding is exciting for both young and old. It is a very safe adventure and suitable for even little kids. Most camels carry two people, so you can easily ride with your child at the front. The only tricky part can be getting on and off, when the camel gets up on his feet or lowers down. Most rides take place on the beach and if you are lucky, you may even get to ride the camel through the water. More about Camel rides

Play or Swim with Dolphins

Address: Dolphin Marine Magic, 65 Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour

Put children and dolphins together and you will see magic. They are both so playful, happy and their interaction is a pleasure to watch. At Dolphin Marine Magic, you have the option to interact with dolphins from the side of the pool or swim with them. All visitors to the centre are given the opportunity to get free fishy kisses and feed seals and penguins. More about Dolphin Marine Magic

Feed Kangaroos and Pat Koalas

Address: Koala Park Sanctuary, 84 Castle Hill Road, West Pennant Hills

A great adventure especially if you have overseas visitors. At Koala Park Sanctuary you can purchase food at the entrance and then go to the kangaroo enclosure and feed them by hand. Just make sure you hold on tightly to your bag of food, as they can easily snatch it from you. At designated times you can also cuddle koalas. More information about Koala Park Sanctuary

Milk a Cow

Address: Calmsley Hill City Farm, 31 Darling St, Abbotsbury

If you’d like to show your children what life is like on a farm, then this is the place to visit. Not only are you given the opportunity to milk a cow, but you can feed many of the animals including camels, goats and bunnies and also ride ponies. The farm staff put on several shows throughout the day including sheep shearing and working dog show. An interesting experience for children of all ages, as they learn about where much of their food comes from. More information about Calmsley Hill City Farm


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