Just White Toy Shop Queen Victoria Building

Just White Toy Shop Queen Victoria Building

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When you come to the Queen Victoria Building, you come to expect feelings of opulence, elegance and charm in a building of rich heritage. Surprisingly, the Queen Victoria Building is a family friendly destination - especially on weekends. Just White Toy Shop, located at level 2 is elegantly different. A touch of charm indeed.

Hand made toy glory

Just White is a toy shop that may attract mixed reviews, and rightly so. This is no ordinary toy store. Do not expect to see packaged toys, where the packaging weight may be greater than the weight of the toy in question. Definitely not the case here.

Really elegant toys in an elegant locale

The moment you step inside, you just feel so welcome. First impressions always last. For sure, this is one beautiful toy shop. Being the elegance of what is the Queen Victoria Building, the prices are not cheap. The toys on sale here do spell quality and luxe. Some of the toys here are hand made. Think the wooden trains in particular.

Plenty of toys

Even though the store front is quite small, and there are more toys to view, admire and appreciate than anticipated - Penelope has done a really great job at the visuals. Each toy is positioned in a way that keeps you wanting to browse for more. The elegant dolls rightly placed in their cupboards are divine. These are toys that will never pass and go with trends. Fashionable, quality toys for sure.

A small shop, yet more toys than expected.

It is easy to feel relaxed here. A great place to buy a couple of toys for your kids to reward them for something special.

Cute little things

In time for the silly season, as at the time of taking this picture.


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