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My Best Gift

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Sydney mum Sara Eastwood created Australia’s first online ‘experience gift’ marketplace just for kids - MyBestGift helps parents to combat consumerism and cut the clutter.

The mum of two from Sydney’s Northern Beaches has launched, Australia’s first online marketplace dedicated to experience gifts for kids of all ages.

MyBestGift offers a simple way to instantly buy experience vouchers for newborns to 18-year-olds.

The site displays hundreds of experiences, covering an expansive range of interests including sport, adventure, driving, creativity and entertainment for kids’ parties.

Former advertising executive, Sara founded the site after resolving to change her gift-giving tendencies. “I was looking for a way to give more meaningful gifts, instead of more ‘stuff’ for every celebration,” Sara said. “I wanted the opportunity to help the littlies in our lives create lasting memories.

Other parents told me they were also looking for gift alternatives and would love the chance to give experiences. That’s why I started MyBestGift.”

Accessing a broad range of kids’ activities online has previously meant searching multiple directories and portals. MyBestGift brings together an extensive menu of experiences for all ages: everything from mums and bubs’ classes or whale watching, to music lessons, skateboarding and driving lessons.

Sydney mum-of-two, Laura Higgins, says, "With two little ones, we've got a house full of toys, most of which rarely get used. The last thing we need for birthdays and Christmas is more 'stuff'! MyBestGift is a great alternative for choosing gifts, especially for the kids' grandparents who live overseas. There's no need to worry about what they can post and they can choose something really meaningful, they know the kids will love."

At launch, MyBestGift features a comprehensive range of activities across Sydney. The team behind the site will continue to build its coverage in Melbourne and other capital cities.

Longer term, major regional cities will also be covered.

“Giving an experience is a wonderful opportunity to help our little ones develop their passions,” Sara said. “

For our very young ones, it’s a chance to discover what gives them joy. And we can help our older kids grow their love and their skills for whatever makes them happy.”

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