Paddington a film review

Paddington a film review

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At a Glance: Paddington is going to be the biggest hit at the box office this Christmas. The combination of brilliant animation and equally brilliant acting with a big dose of humor makes this one family friendly flick.

Description: I have to admit that I am a bit of a philistine - I have never read any of the adventures of Paddington Bear! So I went off to the première of the new movie about him clueless as to where this cute bear in a red slouchy hat and blue coat came from or what he got up to. My dates were just as clueless - my 4 & 6 year old sons, and that is the perfect way to see a film as you have absolutely no expectations.

We found out that Paddington hails from deepest darkest Peru; that he is named after Paddington Station in London; that he is completely and utterly clumsy; and that he loves marmalade. And we fell totally in love with this furry little bear.

A quick snap shot of the flick is that Paddington arrives in London all alone and is befriended by one very quirky English family. However an evil Taxidermist called Millicent who wears killer heels has a desire to add Paddington to her stuffed collection.

I normally find kids movies to be quite dull and have been known to use the viewing time to catch up on quite a few missed minutes of sleep from the night before. However I was enthralled with Paddington and have to say it is my favourite kids flick that I have seen. The fantastic animation and the magnificent Millicent (aka our Nic) combined to make this PG film very entertaining from an adults perspective.

Children will love Paddington's antics as he causes chaos around London and they will giggle whilst they wriggle throughout the 1.5 hour movie. It may be wise to keep younger children at home as there are a couple of darkish scenes but it is a PG film after all. But don't worry there is of course a happy ending!

We walked out of Paddington smiling from ear to ear. I loved that there were a couple of morals to the story. The first is to be kind to those who may be a bit different from the rest of us and the second is always check your toothbrush before you brush your teeth in the morning - you need to see the film to see what I mean!

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