Pirrama Park

Pirrama Park

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The sandpit play area

is well known for its ample space for a city based park, however is best known as being a cool New Years Eve hot spot to watch the iconic and ever popular fireworks display here, at that special time of year. Although construction work is going on in some areas of the park, as at the time of writing this, there is still ample space to enjoy.

Yours truly has known friends who are mothers choosing to have a fuss free birthday picnic at this park, and many Sydney families are catching onto this trend. A picnic can occur here at any time, even without anything to celebrate. This is because is so family friendly, and is right on Sydney Harbour. If you're lucky, you might see some cruise ships pass this way from time to time.

More kids play

The family picnics enable your child/children to run around and play in the open green space. There is also a great bike riding trail where glimpses of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are also enjoyed. If your child/children love fishing, that is also an option at this park, especially on the side right opposite the Anzac Bridge.

Aqua fun

The free fun does not stop there. We all love the sand (think the beach in particular), however at parks, sand is in vogue for the little ones to play. Right on the end with pretty apartments, opposite the water towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there are ample swings and play equipment for the kids of Sydney to enjoy playing with. This art of play also includes a fairly easy, yet challenging climbing rope that is a little more down to earth in height.

Kids love climbing too

If your child loves getting wet, there is a space where they can run wild and get wet in. Just ensure they are wearing appropriate swimwear of course. Back to the sand, there is an ample space with just sand, where it can feel like your child/children are playing and soaking in the sun at a themed beach. Not an ideal park to come to when windy and where there is no sunshine. is a short stroll down from The Star past Darling Harbour.



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