Rocky Mountain Express

Rocky Mountain Express

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Address: Imax Theatre, Darling Harbour

At a Glance: An amazing train journey has been brought to life on the mega screen at the Imax Theatre in Sydney .

Cost: From $17.00
Opening Times: Showing daily
Kiosk or Cafe: Yes
Playground: Darling Quarter playground close by
Toilets: Yes
Age Suitability: 7yrs plus
Parking: Wilson Harbourside Car Park

Description: If you have any young train buffs in your brood, they will be awestruck by the new movie that is now showing at the Imax Theatre in Darling Harbour.

The movie is shown in 2D (so you don't get to wear the cool 3D glasses) which at first may seem disappointing to kids. However when the films starts on the huge screen it doesn't matter one bit, as you feel as though you are literally on-board the beautiful creature that is the steam engine.

The cinematography throughout the film is amazing - one moment it's like you are strapped to the front of the train zooming along the line, and the next you feel as though you're soaring through sky above the mountains. It truly is breathtaking seeing this style of film on the huge screen at Imax. And a word of warning for vertigo sufferers - there are quite a few stomach lurching moments during the film!

The movie tells of the incredible feat that it was to build this world famous railway line and it also talks about the train engines themselves.Train engineers believe that all steam trains have a personality (kind of like Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends). There are some engines they love driving and others that they fear.

The Rocky Mountain express is a short film that lasts 45 minutes, which is perfect for small people's attention spans. However I suggest that it is more suitable for children above the age of 7 years, due to the historical scenes that talk about the death and destruction that occurred during the construction of the railway line. My 5 year old squirmed in his seat the whole movie spilling popcorn everywhere, whereas my 7 year old sat spellbound the entire time.

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!Map (31 Wheat Rd, Darling Harbour NSW 2000)

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