Top Places to Buy LEGO in Sydney

Top Places to Buy LEGO in Sydney

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LEGO in Sydney will never come out of fashion

Ah LEGO , that brick toy that the kids of Sydney have come to know and love for a fair few generations now. LEGO has become so popular, to the extent that LEGO shows and exhibitions reign on our parade in a pleasant way.

Speaking of which, the first ever LEGO store opened in Sydney in Birkenhead Point in 1984. However and unfortunately, this store did close down in the early 90's. There was a LEGO store at Darling Harbour that opened in 2011, and alas - that is now closed to the public also.

Some themed LEGO

Luckily for parents, there are some fantastic places in Sydney that sell some new, old school and innovative LEGO products. Now expect an abundance of Star Wars LEGO products floating about. For the adults amongst us, playing LEGO with kids can be quite relaxing. Playing with this particular toy will enable many to relive their childhood memories with kids all round.

1. Myer Sydney City

Voted as the number one LEGO toy store in 2012. When you visit toy paradise here, you'll begin to understand why. Parents, watch out - you might be hooked and taken back to your childhood. There is a well crafted LEGO display, taking in a trophy display in reminding us that LEGO is a fun and innovative toy to play with - even if your little ones are not interested in becoming architects when they grow up.

2. David Jones Elizabeth Street

Like a LEGO exhibition. There is a LEGO table for the kids to play and explore, together with a fascinating and spacious display area dedicated to the iconic LEGO in a beautiful space. This is gold.

3. Hobbyco Queen Victoria Building

A portion of the upper floor area is devoted to LEGO - both the traditional and the themed. When referring to themed LEGO - it is to the likes of favourite kids characters such as Star Wars.

4. Other mentions outside of the CBD

K-Mart at Broadway is a great place to buy some LEGO in Sydney, as well as BIG W at Campsie. There is a major toy store in Westfield Parramatta that is also home to some LEGO paradise.

Kids having a great time with their LEGO

If you happen to come across any other LEGO friendly stores in Sydney, please share by leaving your comments where indicated.


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