Toys R Us and Babies R Us Westfield Parramatta

Toys R Us and Babies R Us Westfield Parramatta

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Outside ToysRUs and BabiesRUs Parramatta

Find yourself in toy paradise on the fifth floor at Westfield Parramatta. Toys"R"Us are also home to "Babies"R"Us . This is great because both toys and baby stuff can be found at the same place. Convenience plus - something that parents need and appreciate. Not to mention the parking facilities available at this shopping centre, in addition to ample kid play areas. Score.

Really colourful flooring at the entrance

What many Sydney parents love about this particular Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us store is due to the abundance of space to move around and to shop in. Love the floor display the moment you enter in the store. Really cheerful and colourful. The staff are also rather helpful. This is rare for a chain establishment.

This store has the busy, sleep deprived new mum in mind. Head to your right upon entering the store, and you will find all essential baby supplies. Everything from cots to baby bath wash and even talcum powder.

Some baby toys

As you head further into the store, this is where more of the toys for the older kids come into play. Sorry, no pun intended there. This is like a toy warehouse. Some of the other department stores in Sydney are great when it comes to buying toys, especially at Christmas time, however save the stress and shop at this store at Westfield Parramatta. All the different toy combinations, including some favourite cartoon character toys can be found here.

A diverse range of bikes

There is also a baby registry at the back of the store for mums to be. A great range of bikes, and the most creative bike helmets ever seen can also be found. In terms of the bike helmets, the Raskulls range is eloquently creative and adorable - for the princesses and the rough ones alike. Although a large store, the element of fun and play is well balanced with a happy ending. You will walk out and leave here happy.

Cool and quirky helmets

All in all a great, feel good vibe. Not overly stressful. The aisles are also quite wide. Upon exiting the store there is a sign that reads "thanks, have fun." Completely unexpected yet utterly valuable. This is where toy and baby shopping is rather pleasurable in many cases.

An unexpected but pleasant exit


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