Trampoline fun park BOING Central

Trampoline fun park BOING Central

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Address: Unit 5/6
4-8 Inglewood Pl
Norwest Business Park
Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
1300 boing C
(1300 264 642)

At a Glance: Looking for a fun time in Sydney? Well then look no further! The trampoline fun park, Boing Central, awaits you and your family to join hundreds of members and enthusiasts of flips, jumps and short flights. Not only that, but much more fun activities are available for your enjoyment, so look out down below!

Cost: $10$ - $24
Opening Times: 9am - 9pm
Toilets: yes
Age Suitability: all ages
Parking: yes

Description: If you want to organize a birthday party, we will let you in on a little secret: In the Boing Central everyone is a kid, and no matter the age and size you will certainly find an entertainment for yourself, instead of watching your kids jump around all day, hogging all the fun. And you can feel relaxed about it because safety comes first in BC, which again, doesn’t mean that you will miss out on any action whatsoever.

Boing Cadets:

Ever seen those videos where people jump on trampolines, doing flips and all sorts of things that we, the common people, can only identify as magic or ninja skills? Well, you can become a Boing Cadet yourself and learn techniques from the pros, with your personal and certified instructor that will learn you all of his tricks and secrets.

Again, safety comes first, and there is no chance that you can get hurt here, just bounce in an awkward way straight to the pit full of foam, which is there for both your entertainment and protection. Book a class now because the number of participants is limited. Also, if you just want to give it a go for free and decide from there, make sure to visit Boing Central during 13th to 17th of July because that’s when free trials are.

Trampoline Fitness:

What better way to lose weight but to have fun in the process? This is a perfect combination of excitement and exercise, and keeping fit has never been as entertaining and easy as with trampoline fitness. Don’t let all the fun and games trick you! You will definitely see results in a very short period of time, just because it is amusing, it doesn’t mean that it’s no good for you. In fact, only 15 minutes spent on trampoline fitness will burn as much calories as an hour in a gym would.

This is a great alternative during the humid days when you want to go for a run but you simply can’t, because all the activities are indoors, with professional trainers and all supporting equipment. Trampoline boxing is very popular, but if you want to find out more about fitness activities available you can do so here.

Dodge Ball

And if you are just looking to have fun, disregard all the fitness and workout activities, you can also just organize a match of dodge ball with your friends. If you are any good, you can even enter a competition and have a go at the title. There are no age restrictions so parents feel free to jump in, literally, and join your kids in this ever so favorite game of all generations. Join the Wednesday night league and prove that you have what it takes to beat your opponents down to the ground. Well, down to the trampoline, and this will technically bring them back up, to be precise.

Do bring some athletic gear with you because it is going to get sweaty and you won’t even notice. Boing Central will provide you socks and any additional equipment for activities, plus – you get a lollypop at the entrance to get the party started.

Just to let you know, you also get a free ice cream cake if you’re booking a birthday in June or July. Of course, party meal packages are also available.

For more fun things to do with kids, join us on Boing Central


!Map Unit 5/6, 4-8 Inglewood Pl, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

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